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10 Reasons You Should Attend Barcamp Nigeria 2010

Where would you likely be on Saturday, May 22, 2010? Hmm, I know that’s the date for the 2010 UEFA Champion’s League Finals between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich.
Well, the organizers of “one of the best technology events in Nigeria”, have put up some cool reasons why you should be attending Barcamp Nigeria this Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Interestingly, you can still watch the Champion’s League Final at 8:45pm (GMT+1).

With their permission, I am re-posting their 10 reasons why you should attend Barcamp Nigeria 2010.
Here are are…
1. It is Free
Education is not free, even the venue for this event is a learning institution, learning isn’t free there. But this event is free for all.
2. Networking
Network with like-minded individuals, those passionate about the Nigerian ICT Industry, Programmers, Bloggers, and yes Venture Capitalists.
3. It’s User Generated
You, the participant determines what will be discussed. You chose and create the topics and sessions that you wish to be highlighted at the event. You can teach and learn from others.
4. There is Food
Yes, there will be free food for everyone. So we expect you to come and share not just knowledge, but also the food with us.
5. Connect one on one with people you know online
Barcamp is a great way to get to know someone you’ve been interacting with online! Since the atmosphere is relaxed and conversational, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know alot of like-minded people.
6. Sharing Ideas
Attending this  Un-conference presents a goldmine of opportunities, you can garner Million Naira Ideas from attendees at the event.
7. Mix of content
With an event like this, there’s pretty much something for everyone whether your a Graphic artist, mobile application developer, php programmer, Java prorammer, Drupal or Joomla, there is always someone in house to brainstorm with.
8. Explore innovative ICT products and services
Be the first to find out and explore upcoming releases from the best of Nigeria’s web 2.0 industry innovators, start-ups and entrepreneurs. If you have anything cooking in the lab at the moment, you can use Barcamp Nigeria as an opportunity to launch, and believe me all the attendees will be your first users or customers.
9. Listen to success stories, experiences and ideas from our keynote speakers
There will be keynote speaker at the event to share with us their experiences on starting a company and what benefits the Nigerian tech/web industry can offer.
10. Its an informal conference
You don’t have to dress all suited up with a tie e.t.c It’s a place to come feel relaxed, learn, enjoy and share.

Need More Reasons to Attend?

Let’s say you also get to meet me (Loy Okezie) in person at the event where I’ll be moderating the “Local Content” panel session with the following panelists:

  1. Chineye Mba-Ozoukwo of eShekel
  2. Saheed Adepoju of Encipher
  3. Dele Odufuyi of Nextek
  4. Nyimbi Odero of Google
  5. Dolapo Taiwo of Unotech Media.
Born out of the desire to build connections between technopreneurs and discuss the potentials, challenges and prospects of the Internet and its tools and technologies within the Nigerian technology community, the first Barcamp in Nigeria was held on Saturday, April 25, 2009.
This year’s event with the theme: “Creating Local Content for Nigerian Web Market”,will take place at CITS University of Lagos. The keynote speakers are Simdul Shagaya, founder of and Chinenye Mba-Ozoukwo of eShekel.
So are you going to be there? You can start by registering here.

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